About Us

About Us

Baptist School of Public Health

The Baptist School of Public Health (BSPH) of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services is a special institution for training of health personnel in Cameroon. BSPH operates in partnership with the Mildmay Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS) Uganda. MIHS is an Institution of Higher Learning, accredited by the Ugandan National Council for Higher Education with a specialist Health Care and Training Centre situated on Entebbe Road in Lweza, South of Kampala, Uganda.This partnership runs specialized training programs with the CBC Health Services based on Modular Courses at the CBC Health Services Complex (HSC) Buea Road, Mutengene Cameroon.


BSPH offers training Courses that are suitable and uniquely impactful to African communities that are rarely offered in other health institutions in Africa.


Our mission is to strength Health Systems for Best Health Outcomes

Our Mission

The Baptist school of public health was created in 2004 as an offshoot of the CBC Health Services’ partnership with AWAREHIV-AIDS. It was created based on the need to train staff and upgrade the skills of personnel in relevant fields of Public Health and Community Outreach especially in the Sub-Saharan African Setting. The Courses taught were designed based on felt needs, contextual realities, changing trends and global standards.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Prof Tih Pius

Director, CBC Health Services

Dr Helga Jam

Academic Registrar

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