Study while you work

Baptist School of Public Health Mutengene of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services in partnership with National and international Higher Learning Institutions offers unique and suitable health education, impactful to Cameroon and the African community. This center is open to the general public and admissions are currently going on.

Admissions are currently
going on

Programme Entry Criteria

At least two GCE Advanced Level papers or a Professional Certificate that shows proof of intensive class work. Requirements upon registration include – Complete an application form with a passport size photograph – O/A Levels result slips (For Biomedical Engineering Advanced Level Mathematics, and Pure Mathematics and other Sciences) – Transcripts of professional certificates – Photocopies of ID and Birth certificates – Curriculum Vitae

For Admission

For More information, download the application form Here >> APPLICATION FORM BSPH1 Apply and send your application through
Phone number:  +237 6 77 56 55 37



Open Hours:

Mon-Sat: 9am - 5pm

– Interested candidates must have either a professional certificate and or holders of the GCE Advanced Level Certificates. 

– Students can work while they study. Training specialties include;

• BMET, Biomedical Engineering Technology accredited to the University of Ngoundere. Fee 800,000 FCFA per year.

-B.Sc Health and Social System Management. 38 months 700,000frs per year .

•B.Sc in Human Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics, 3years. 700,000frs per year .

•B.Sc in Public Health. 3yrs. 600,000frs per year

• B.Sc in Nursing. 3yrs 500,000frs per year.

• -HND Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 3yrs 500,000frs per year

• Diploma Rehabilitation Technician, 3yrs 700,000frs per year

 • Research Methodology AND DATA ANALYSIS 150,000frs. 4 months. Thaught weeks method.

• Advanced Leadership and Governance. 3months online 40,000frs