Biomedical Engineering

The mission of the Biomedical Engineering Technology Department is to pursue excellence in learning


  • Above 80% of medical equipment maintenance staff lack any formal biomedical technician or technologist training in Cameroon.
  • Poor equipment maintenance, management systems and practice procedures were common place,
  • Global population is increasing.
  • Proliferation of medical devices for disease diagnosis and therapy globally.
  • Qualified and experienced professionals in BMET are absolutely necessary.
  • Demands for undergraduate and graduate BMET programs are consistently growing.
  • Definite needs for developing appropriate BMET educational programs.
  • Inadequate Human Resource Cameroon, the Sub Region and Africa as a whole.
  • Hence, absolute requirement for undergraduate program in BMET.


To be an internationally recognised Biomedical Engineering Department that offers inspiring educational opportunities and hands-on practical experience for students, conducts interdisciplinary research with local, regional and global impact on improving human health, and serves the Biomedical Engineering profession and the community with distinction.. 


The overarching purpose of the Biomedical Engineering program at The Regional Training Centre for Excellence (RTC) – Baptist Health Services- Mutengene is to provide students with rigorous, multi-disciplinary training that enable graduates to be leaders and innovators in the biomedical engineering profession.

This is accomplished by developing and offering needs-led curricula that integrate engineering sciences, life sciences, clinical medicine, research and engineering design in collaboration with local and international biomedical device and biotechnology companies and end users.


  • To provide educational opportunities that are at the interface of engineering, life sciences, and medicine that provide a foundation for:
  • Advanced study in engineering and biomedical sciences
  • Professional practice, in our state of the art workshop and hospitals all over the country that is gateway for working in health settings, industry, government agencies, regulatory organisations, etc.
  • Entrepreneurial endeavours in the biomedical engineering technology industry
  • Increase the presence of women and under-represented minorities in biomedical engineering technology