Strengthening Leadership Management and Governance


Health system weaknesses are a major impediment to achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other health targets. Globally, health systems strengthening has been recognised as critical for improvement of health services and subsequently health outcomes. This training curriculum seeks to provide both the trainers and trainees with a comprehensive approach to health system strengthening. Upon implementation, this training is expected to produce a critical mass of policy makers and practitioners who understand the tenets and principles of health systems and will contribute to overall health systems strengthening to improvement of health outcomes across Africa.

At the end of the program the participants will be able to:

Apply leadership management and governance theory and practice to decision-making and actions as a manager

Recognize the implications of leadership style and its impact on team and organization performance

Understand and navigate the critical governance systems relevant to health in their own countries.

Identify and critically assess assumptions that influence decisions and actions on management, leadership and governance.

Identify and describe the functions of the different government structures in their countries and mobilise and advocate for resources for health issues in their countries and facilities.

Coordinate relevant stakeholders in the health sector within existing regulations of the country and make timely and responsive decisions based on evidence gathered over time when monitoring and evaluating programmes and projects.

Plan, priorities and budget for health needs and resources within the national policies.

Document and disseminate lessons learnt and best practices in service delivery for continuous education.


The course is designed for middle level managers and planners (central, regional and district /county, sub-district), health facility and programme managers, newly recruited health managers, public health association managers, operational managers in health facilities, academicians and researchers in health systems in both private, public and non-governmental institutions.

The following modules will be covered throughout the course

Module 1: Overview and context of a health system

Module 2: Governance in health

Module 3: Leadership in health

Module 4: Management for health

Module 5: Human resources for health management

Module 6: Health management information systems

Module 7: Health management information systems

Module 8: Service delivery

Module 9: Supply chain management

Module 10: Monitoring and evaluation


Participants shall be awarded a certificate accredited by a recognised training institution affiliated to the Africa Health Leadership and Management Network (AHLMN) upon successful completion of the course.